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We had a very nice dissemination event here at Kaunas University of Technology on 10th of April, 2024. Assoc. prof. Daina Gudonienė and prof. Evaldas Vaičiukynas presented ASSISTANT project results for academic community and stakeholders. 
The ASSISTANT project was presented at the Kaunas University of Technology during an educational event for teachers. About 40 information technology teachers from Kaunas and other Lithuanian cities participated in it.

Assistant Invitation. Training program


The online meeting of the project partners

The ASSISTANT project was presented at the KTU IF project presentation event "Project and scientific brunch with IF". It was attended by a large audience of lecturers, researchers, students and alumni.  

It is a great opportunity to share and hear about what is being created through project activities, to share ideas, innovations, results that other colleagues could apply in their own activities, and at the same time, to communicate and discover opportunities for collaboration in the implementation of new projects.
The online meeting
of the project partners
The Online meeting started by the Coordinator Dr. Rita Butkiene, welcoming all the participants and suggested an agenda. The aim of the meeting was to review the quality of the results implementation and to discuss the mostly appropriate deadlines to finish  the results implementation and to plan QA procedures. AlL WP leading partners presented the situation with the implementation and discussed following questions: 
  • Discussion on WP2 DT curricular (Decisions, Deadlines)
  • Discussion on WP3 Development of Virtual assistant (Decisions,
  • Discussion on WP4 Development of CBL for DT curricular (Decisions, Deadlines)
1st transnational
partners meeting (TPM1)

21-22 November 2022 The first meeting of the project partners took place at Kaunas University of Technology.  
Discussed questions according to the agenda leading partners moderated the discussion on the results to be implemented designs and the deadlines. The following topics were discussed: 
Project management implementation:
  • Signing bilateral partnership agreements
  • Online partnership meetings
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the project activities (minutes, reports)
  • Quality assurance plan development
Development of Digital transformation (DT) curriculum:
  • Design of a methodology and template
  • Identification of DT curricular
  • Development and digitalization
  • Piloting
  • Quality assurance
Development of Virtual assistant:
  • Design of chatbots scenarios
  • Customization of a chatbot tools
  • Guidelines for chatbots development
  • Piloting
  • Quality assurance
The project started! 
The ASSISTANT project started on 1st of October, 2022! 
Challenge Based Learning in AI Enhanced Digital Transformation Curricular 
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